Terms and Conditions

We sell exclusive T-Shirts. Any other products delivered are gifts.

You must be a member to place an order.

Orders selected for delivery outside of our service area will automatically be changed to pick-up.

Must be present for delivery.

We use email and text to communicate.

All Sales are Final. No Refunds or Returns

All information submitted to CannaMich is secure via Encryption and will never be shared. Your privacy is our top priority.

*Please Note: We only offer delivery in Metro Detroit Area. We only deliver to select areas of Michigan.  Must be over 21.  ETA will be sent via email after you place your order.

* This is a private club. Any payments or remuneration received by CannaMich or it’s associates is in exchange for our Exclusive Shirts and delivery services only. Shirt design is subject to change upon delivery. Any free gifts that may or may not be included by the driver are neither being advertised nor promoted to the public. Accounts can be terminated and account requests can be denied at anytime. All rights reserved.